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Miracles That Live Within Our Hearts

A Christmas poem by Xander Munoz

The very day our lord and savior was born, is going to be so blue without you, no matter how many calls we have can never match the times we can celebrate it together,

Roasting chestnuts over an open fire with christmas ham and other delicacies as fruitcake and hot chocolate in the coffee mugs with creamy marshmallows, it will all be missed and be forgotten unluckily fore the time of covid ends,

May the lessons of life enter your hands once again, her light will guide you through the winter snow and blizzards that have left this vast world in the blankets of cold gestures that yet seem so warm, if not the pain to thine heart it shall never pierce your armour of emotional protection like a blanket in your head wrapped up yet always easy to remove when needed to be, even with the other,

May the light of Christmas hope light your spirits up in joy and happiness that I might not be able to celebrate with you tonight or any time in this hurtful crisis or maybe if we wore masks when we meet yet I want to give you a holly jolly present this Christmas, Mary the mother of christ watches over those in childbirth until they have moved on to the holy paradise, My only hope is for you to not have a blue Christmas without me, I am even feeling blue just thinking about it,

Jack frost nipping at your nose outside in the cold winter air, even though I wouldn’t dare to oppose the wintery overpowering force that compels me to stay inside or enjoy the winter wonderland in my yard,

I can only say have a holly jolly Christmas without me, and I can only wish that you will never forget me when you have a blue Christmas without me and I will just be so blue just thinking about you,

So may you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year with your families and friends if you can see them, This is a Christmas short poem card,

Thank you,

Xander Munoz