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Principal's Welcome Letter

Dear Laguna-Acoma School Community,

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year.  This year holds a lot of promise and possibility.  Laguna-Acoma Jr. / Sr. High School has much to be proud of.  I want to build on the respect and accomplishments of this school and develop Laguna-Acoma Jr. / Sr. High School as a model for quality education practices in our district and around the state.

By way of a brief introduction, my name is Dr. Richard Yzenbaard and I am the principal at Laguna-Acoma Jr. / Sr. High School.  I am excited to continue to be part of the Laguna-Acoma School Community.  We have a great staff here at LAJHS with tremendous parents and excellent students.  That’s a good combination.

The school has adopted Guiding Principles by which we operate.  The Guiding Principles for this school year are:
Staying in the positive
Being the type of person you want our children to become
Being intentionally focused on the goals we want to achieve

The staff is committed to these goals and we hope that every day we can provide a positive, safe and successful environment for your children.  

Thank you for your continued support of Laguna Acoma Jr. / Sr. High School.

Dr. Richard Yzenbaard
LAHS Principal