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2018-2019 Principal Welcome Letter

Dear Laguna Acoma School Community,

Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year. This year holds a lot of promise and possibility. Laguna-Acoma Jr./Sr. High School has much to be proud of. I want to build on the respect and accomplishments of this school and develop Laguna-Acoma Jr./Sr. High School as a model for quality education practices in our district and around the state.

By way of a brief introduction, my name is Dr. Richard Yzenbaard and I am the new principal at Laguna-Acoma Jr./Sr. High School. I have lived and worked in this area for 30+ years and my most recent experiences includes being a principal and grant writer for the Ramah Navajo School Board in Pine Hill, NM. I look forward to this opportunity to serve you and Laguna-Acoma Jr./Sr. High School.

The school has adopted Guiding Principles by which we operate. The Guiding Principles for this school year are:
· Maintaining a positive focus
· Being the type of person you want our children to become
· Achieving the highest success possible for each student

The staff is committed to these goals and we hope that every day we can provide a positive, safe and successful environment for your children. 

Thank you for your continued support of Laguna-Acoma Jr./Sr. High School.

Dr. Richard Yzenbaard
LAHS Principal